Optimized log sorting and control of the log and merchandising yard.

Winlog Sorting Optimization is an all-encompassing control suite that gathers measuring data over the entire production cycle and analyzes efficiency, productivity and recovery based on real-time production data. The software automatically sorts logs according to geometry, quality, species or other customer-specific criteria. All measured data is saved in a database and selection criteria can be referenced at any time. This software relies on measurement data from Logeye, Ired, Iras or CT Log, and integrates seamlessly with existing software.

Winlog precisely identifies margins for improving recovery, leading to informed decision-making and optimal use of your log and merchandising yard. With upgraded GPS capabilities, manage and optimize the routes of the trucks while also improving the bin filling level monitoring.


  • Provides all necessary information for the log sorting line
  • Gathers all log information and creates reports by date, supplier, log qualities, etc.
  • Automates and streamlines production processes and log procurement
  • Creates a database of log information
  • Exchanges information through open protocols and interfaces
  • GPS optimized equipment routing
Winlog Software

Winlog guarantees optimal use of your log and merchandizing yard

  • Tracking
  • Communication
  • Reports
  • Sorting
Winlog Control Suite

Log infeed, merchandising yard, log sorting & saw infeed control


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