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Empower Lucidyne to do even more with value-added tools. At MiCROTEC, we never stop innovating ideas and solutions that help our customers maximize their fiber and value recovery.


The Curvescan 3D Board Shape Scanner measures the geometry of lumber in movement and reliably recognizes distortion of lumber such as twist, bow, spring and cup in lineal or transverse transport direction. With highly accurate results independent of transport direction or irregular lumber movements during measurement, Curvescan addresses a widespread issue in the global wood processing industry, and is ideal for grading and separating defective lumber from warp-free products, especially for planer and glulam mills after the drying kiln.

Grade-VU Projector System

This projector system lets you evaluate grade and trim solutions before a board is trimmed, delivering unparalleled opportunity for quality control and continuous process improvement. Seconds after each board leaves the planer, Grade-VU projects the scanner’s final solution directly onto the board as both grade mark symbols and abbreviated text, following the board even when moved or flipped. Comes standard with a ten-foot viewing area that can be optionally extended to twenty feet.

Grade Mark Reader

Grade Mark Reader

The Grade Mark Reader (GMR) reads handwritten lumber grade, trim and sort marks, assigning lumber with grades using fluorescent chalk or wax-based marker. The GMR system interprets these marks and converts them into instructions that are communicated to another device (e.g. trimmer or sorter control, trimmer optimizer, grade stamp machine, ink-jet printer, bar code labeler or other control system). Graders physically apply these marks using either chalk- or wax-based fluorescent markers

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M3 Scan

The M3 Scan Moisture Meter measures dried lumber for both linear and transverse applications, automatically compensating for the influence of density. This modular system allows for quick and accurate measurement of your lumber moisture content, for 100% moisture control of your dry kiln and final product. It operates contact-free at the highest conveying speeds and can be integrated seamlessly into any existing production line.



This high-precision lumber Front Side Scanner detects the cup on the end of the lumber piece to correctly orientate the boards. Using a combination of LED illumination and MiCROTEC’s proprietary Multi-Sensor cameras, the scanner reliably identifies annual ring orientation as well as the pith side location.


True-Q Board Tracking System

The TrueQ board tracking system provides the critical function of ensuring that the correct solution is matched to the correct board as the boards travel downstream from the scanner, even if they get turned over or crossed up and out of queue. As a board passes beneath the TrueQ system, its fiberprint is matched to the four-sided image from the scanner to ensure the boards are in queue. If needed, the system rearranges the order of solutions so they correctly match the boards by the time they reach your saw.



This Strength Grader is the best-in-class optical laser interferometer scanner for determining the MOE of lumber, fulfilling all relevant strength grading certifications worldwide. By measuring the board’s resonance frequency with a highperformance laser vibrometer (that works independent of environmental noise interference), the Viscan Strength Grader reaches over 99 percent accuracy for measurement repeatability.

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