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Empower Lucidnye to do even more with value-added tools. At MiCROTEC, we never stop innovating ideas and solutions that help our customers maximize their fiber and value recovery.



Bow, crook and twist are important parts of the optimization solution. WarpScan measures these features after being scanned while the board is in its natural, relaxed state. This data is then added to the Lucidyne data to get the best possible board solution.

Grade-VU Projector System

Quality control is critical. Grade-VU can be configured to give you exactly the information you need to keep your productivity at peak levels. Choose to project every board solution on every board, or just on some boards. If you just want to look at boards that have decay identified, project the word “decay” on only those boards for further evaluation.

Or select a feature for a new product, and project a keyword on just those boards. And only the patented Grade-VU provides an image that moves with the board even as the board is bounced, or re-queued or shifted.


True-Q Board Tracking System

As boards travel downstream from the scanner, they can get turned over, or crossed up and out of queue. It is critical to ensure that the correct solution is matched to the correct board, and MiCROTEC’s patented True-Q does just that. As they pass beneath the True-Q system, the board’s fiberprint is matched to the four-sided image from the scanner, to ensure that the boards are in queue.

If there has been a shift in order, True-Q looks upstream and downstream at the boards’ fiberprints, and re-arranges the order of the solutions so that the boards and their solutions are correctly matched when they reach your saw.

Grade Mark Reader

Grade Mark Reader

MiCROTEC pioneered the Grade Mark Reader in the 1980s, and it has become the gold standard worldwide for GMRs.

Our GMR can be installed stand-alone in a mill without automated lumber grading, or can be partnered with a Lucidyne system to increase the control you have on your line.

If, for example, you are developing a new product, mark just those boards that you want to separate, and our Grade Mark Reader will override the Lucidyne solution with the marked solution so you can evaluate those boards separately.

Learn more about the Grade Mark Reader

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