Cutting pattern optimization for logs based on final product quality and value.

MiCROTEC’s Maxicut is the new standard of breakdown optimization, and allows you to maximize the value of your final product. Taking into account geometry, quality and resale value of final products, as well as customer-specific product quality requirements, it evaluates the optimum cutting pattern for each individual log. The software simulates and calculates the best possible yield and lumber recovery that can be obtained by combining different final products. With Maxicut’s precison cutting pattern optimization, you can significantly increase the yield of your sawmill.

Maxicut integrates seamlessly with other MiCROTEC applications, such as Interopt Bucking Optimization and Winlog Sorting Optimization. It relies on measuring data delivered by Logeye Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner or CT Log Computed Tomography Scanner.


  • Cutting pattern optimization based on final product quality and value
  • Saw infeed control; integrates with all breakdown machinery such as profiling lines or band saws
  • Considers cutting pattern solutions in various areas within the log
  • Masters all breakdown techniques, including single or multi-cant patterns, live sawing, and straight or curve sawing
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Prioritizes production based on customer-specific orders or lumber dimension and quality parameters
The best possible yield

Maxicut Best Cut Solution relies on measuring data delivered by Logeye 300 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner or CT Log Computed Tomography Scanner.

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