Designed and built for hard working mills.

MiCROTEC’s ground-breaking Lucidyne operates at the cutting edge, with even better methods to maximize fiber and value recovery.

Lucidyne improves product quality and consistency, builds better reputations in the marketplace, and positions mills to step into new markets.

Count on Lucidyne to:

  • Provide significantly more uptime than other methods.
  • Reduce trim loss.
  • Reduce above grade in all grades.
  • Increase high grade production.
  • Lift product quality.
  • Improve product consistency.
  • Maximize fiber and value recovery.

More Lucidyne Advantages:

  • Simulation tools minimize misconfiguration and prevent downtime.
  • Offline tools help QC and grade checks.
  • Installation requires little or no downtime.
  • 24/7/365 technical support.
  • Ongoing access to the latest breakthroughs and advances

Artificial Intelligent Grading

Artificial intelligence, the quantum leap in technology that is producing self-driving cars, is integral to the Lucidyne system. The value of artificial intelligence springs from the sophistication of the technology it uses. MiCROTEC’s Artificial Intelligent Grading uses accurate multi-sensory imagery at its foundation. Artificial Intelligent Grading is a revolutionary method for grading lumber.

Working from Lucidyne’s multi-dimensional board images, our Certified Graders’ team analyzes, differentiates and classifies defects in thousands of our customers’ boards, creating a knowledge base within the Artificial Intelligent Grading software which trains itself by reading through the samples, correlating images and labels.

For any new defects, ambiguous samples or rule changes, Artificial Intelligent Grading is shown sufficient graded examples to train impeccably for accuracy and application.

Far from being stymied by new species, defects or products Artificial Intelligent Grading can be quickly trained for accurate response. Self-adjusting Artificial Intelligent Grading does a better job than a computer scientist analyzing, designing and writing code for new defects.

MiCROTEC’s Artificial Intelligent Grading is a game-changing system. All Lucidyne systems are now shipping with Artificial Intelligent Grading, and many of our customers are upgrading existing systems.

“We bought the Lucidyne because we felt it was the most accurate scanner on the market after testing multiple systems from various manufacturers. The staff’s technical abilities, coupled with an unmatched enthusiasm, was a major reason for choosing Lucidyne. After five months of running, I know now more than ever that we made the right choice.”


  • Capable of speeds over 4000 lineal ft/min.; adjusted to suit your mill requirements
  • Lucidyne’s linear profile allows installation directly against the planer
  • Tablet option runs tools locally without a wi-fi connection
  • Installation requires little or no downtime
  • Rugged construction for minimal mill level maintenance
  • Most complete sensor array in the industry
  • Third-party sensors for MSR, moisture and other data are easily integrated
  • Mounted on an overhead carriage for easy maintenance
  • Ongoing access to the latest breakthroughs, advances, and upgrades
  • Lights, alarms, and messages ensure safety and optimal performance
  • Simple, easy to access controls
  • Not affected by ambient environmental changes
  • Allows for Cut-N-Two by all methods
  • Dead spaces and change races are non-existent
lumber grading: Graded wood board examples from Lucidyne lumber grading: Graded wood board examples from Lucidyne
Board graded using Artificial Intelligent Grading – showing actual results on board above.

Defect Detection

Artificial Intelligent Grading software completely “re-thinks” the way automated defect detection and grading is done. Using artificial intelligence, Artificial Intelligent Grading software is a quantum leap in technology that brings defect detection to a whole new level of accuracy and allows extremely rapid responses to changes in your wood basket.

For example, Artificial Intelligent Grading doesn’t just place a rectangle around a knot – it reports the actual shape and orientation of the knot head. Artificial Intelligent Grading knows the minor – but critical – differences that confuse other methods of defecting.


With spot-on defect detection delivered by Artificial Intelligent Grading software, grading accuracy becomes near-perfect.

Lucidyne with Artificial Intelligent Grading software minimizes above-grade in all grades. It is not easily fooled by blond rings, compression wood or shallow wane. It separates pitch from pitch-colored knots. It can tell the difference between a bark pocket and bark encasement. It is not misled by pitch-filled shakes in Green Doug Fir. Grease spots and blemishes are not called knots. And Artificial Intelligent Grading does so much more.

Uptime, uplift, & cost of ownership

Lucidyne has the best track record of uptime in the industry. Mills with Lucidyne in one mill have replaced competitor scanners in their other mills based on the increased uptime alone.

Superior uplift from our Artificial Intelligent Grading defect detection and our optimization algorithms bring even more value.

Plus, Lucidyne has the lowest cost of ownership on the market – fewer parts to replace and less maintenance.

These three important factors, uplift, uptime and lower maintenance, make Lucidyne the most cost-effective scanner you can buy.

Lucidyne wood scanner

Low Maintenance

Lucidyne’s enclosure is pressurized and temperature-controlled, and therefore not affected by ambient environmental changes. It is mounted on an overhead carriage for easy maintenance – just give the glass a quick wipe between shifts and Lucidyne is running again.

Lucidyne is now scalable to meet the needs of any mill

Scalable to Your Mill Operation

Another great advantage of our Lucidyne software platform is that Lucidyne is now scalable to meet the needs of any mill. No matter how fast or slow you run, how many products, grades or species, we can scale Lucidyne to meet your needs within your budget. Lucidyne is your solution to maximize your fiber and value recovery, regardless of your mill specifications.

Configurable to Your Mill

Lucidyne adapts to your physical mill layout seamlessly. Even in mills that believe there is no lineal option, experience shows that lineal is the best solution.

Our mechanical and electrical engineers have worked around catwalks, ducting, pipelines and other “obstacles.” Even if there’s no room to go left or right, Lucidyne can go up.

Lucidyne fits behind your planer in mere inches, and can actually butt right up against the planer itself; so the leading edge of the board is being scanned while the trailing edge is still being controlled by the planer.

The MiCROTEC team has always made Lucidyne fit into even the most challenging layouts. We just make it happen.

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