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A true revolution in carriage scanning

MiCROTEC’s Logeye 900 stereoscopic imaging system is worldwide the only scanner that provides a full 360-degree scan of a log as it’s rolling into the Carriage, Headrig, or End dogger. Since the scanning takes place as it’s transferred into the position, the log is already fully optimized and ready for sawing the instant it is dogged.

This leads to higher throughput speed and vastly improved recovery, as the entire surface of the log is imaged without shadows or occlusions. The scanner is also able to detect the current rotation of the log at any point in the process, allowing full rotation optimization and turn correction. This feature was previously only possible on lineal log scanning lines.

Combined with Maxicut, sawing optimization is fully integrated into the scanning system, providing unparalleled pattern optimization. When paired with MiCROTEC’s unique Optiline system, the optimized pattern is overlaid on the live video of the log as it’s being sawn to assist the sawyer in breakdown decisions and provide complete transparency of the optimized solution. The video of the top and butt end of the log is displayed in 5K.

The operability of the bandsaw is significantly simplified by the use of the Logeye 900 stereo.


  • Real shape reconstruction during rolling into the carriage
  • Efficient, modular solution
  • Increase of throughput speed
  • Easy operation on the bandsaw
A revolution in carriage scanning

The scanner‘s stereoscopic imaging system provides a full 360 degree scan of the log, as it‘s rolling into the Carriage!

Providing unparalleled pattern optimization

When paired with MiCROTEC's unique Optiline system, the optimized pattern is overlaid on the live video of the log as it’s being sawn

Touchscreen display

Touchscreen display for bandsaw control

Logeye 900 Stereo

  • Technology: stereoscopy
  • Log Length: Modular (each module can measure up to 1500 mm and can be combined)
  • Log Diameter: Up to 1400 mm

Combined with Maxicut, sawing optimization is fully integrated into the scanning system, providing unparalleled pattern optimization.


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