Bucking optimization for logs by dimension, quality or highest-value cutting pattern.

Interopt Bucking Optimization software calculates the optimum merchandising solution according to dimension, curvature, taper and quality information while optimizing bucking according to real-time priorities.

Bucking solutions are optimized in various areas within a log according to the overall resale value of the recovered lumber. Interopt communicates with Winlog, which controls the saw and sorting line.


  • Optimizes bucking based on the external shape and internal log quality information measured by CT Log and Logeye
  • Real-time data processing and bucking optimization
  • Enables individual customer quality requirements for log bucking
  • Fine-tuned to your plant-specific configuration
  • Integrates seamlessly with all MiCROTEC measuring systems and solutions
Real-time Data Processing

Interopt provides real-time data processing and bucking optimization, and integrates seamlessly with all MiCROTEC measuring systems and solutions

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