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Next generation transverse lumber scanning

The Goldeneye 900 combines the world’s number one multi-sensory quality transverse scanner with MiCROTEC’s deep learning artificial intelligence. The Goldeneye 900 determines the overall quality of green, dry or planed lumber in one pass on all four sides, Further, the Goldeneye 900 can optimize for value before or after kiln drying because it grades both rough and planed lumber.


  • Transverse transport
  • One scan solution for all four sides 
  • Simple installation, no elevation changes
  • Scans planed and rough lumber
  • Scans wet and dry lumber
  • Grades lumber based on individual quality parameters
  • Accurately recognizes, localizes and sizes knots and other defects such as cracks, pitch pockets and discoloration
  • Modular design, depending on the board length
  • Implements customer-specific grading, trimming and sorting rules x Comprehensive and easy-touse interface

Artificial Intelligent Grading

Artificial intelligence, the quantum leap in technology that is producing self-driving cars, is integral to the Goldeneye 900 system. The value of artificial intelligence springs from the sophistication of the technology it uses. The Goldeneye 900’s artificial intelligence uses accurate multi-sensory imagery at its foundation. Artificial Intelligent Grading is a revolutionary method for grading lumber.

Working from the Goldeneye 900’s multi-dimensional board images, our Certified Graders’ team analyzes, differentiates, and classifies defects in thousands of our customers’ boards, creating a knowledge base within the Artificial Intelligent Grading software which trains itself by reading through the samples, correlating images and labels.

For any new defects, ambiguous samples, or rule changes, Artificial Intelligent Grading is shown sufficient graded examples to train impeccably for accuracy and application.

Far from being stymied by new species, defects or products, Artificial Intelligent Grading can be quickly trained for accurate response. Self-adjusting Artificial Intelligent Grading does a better job than a computer scientist analyzing, designing, and writing code for new defects.

MiCROTEC’s Artificial Intelligent Grading is a game-changing system. All Goldeneye 900 systems are now shipping with Artificial Intelligent Grading, and many of our customers are upgrading existing systems

Full Quality Grading

The Goldeneye 900 provides accurate 3D defect reconstruction as well as precision and reliability in determining the surface quality of green and dry boards in transverse feeding. The seamless integration of color and laser scanners into one multi-sensor system delivers a gapless view of the surface of lumber.

The compact, single-pass design ensures fast and straightforward installation. Since the boards do not need to be turned, the scanner only requires a single scan frame width. As no elevation changes are required, the scanner can be placed in an existing grading station or transverse chain section with minimal modification.

The optimization software enables individual management of real and virtual optimization parameters for peak recovery. The evaluation of the scanned information is done using MiCROTEC’s powerful image processing and optimization algorithms to maximize the recovery of downstream production processes.

4 Sides Scanning in One Pass

The Goldeneye 900’s Multi-Sensor Transverse Quality Scanner reliably identifies wood defects on all four sides at the same time, with no need to turn the boards.

For Rip, Trim, Grading & Sorting Solutions

The scanner detects and localizes all types of knots as well as cracks, discoloration, pitch pockets, wanes, curvature and other dimensional defects. This allows customers to automate, streamline and optimize all further production steps.

2-Side Top / Top Scanner with Lumber Turner

Grading both planed as well as rough lumber as 4 sided or 2 sided top/bottom scanner.

Optimization Software

The value optimization software implements customer-specific grading, trimming, ripping, and sorting rules.

For Sawmills and Planer Mills

The Goldeneye 900 features Multi-Sensor cameras and sensors for laser scattering, laser 3D triangulation, color analysis.


  • Dimension (3D laser triangulation)
  • Grain deviation (Laser Scatter)
  • Color
  • Board length: from 2.7 m (8.8 ft) extendable to 900 mm lengths
  • Board Cross-section up to 130 x 900 mm (5 x 26 in), depending on lugs
  • Conveying speed up to 200 lugs / min


  • Dimension (3D laser triangulation)
  • Grain deviation (laser scatter)
  • Color
  • X-ray (Denscan)
  • Resonance frequency (laser interferometer) (Viscan)
  • Board length: from 2,7 m (8,8 ft) extendible in steps of 900 mm
  • Board cross-section up to 130 — 900 mm (5 —26 in), depending on lug space
  • Conveyor speed up to 200 lugs/min.

The Goldeneye 900 reduces costs in planning, installing, commissioning and servicing.

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