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Goldeneye 900 Multi-Sensor Transverse Quality Scanner

Carrier Lumber the first to install 2 Lucidyne 900 Transverse Scanners

Carrier Lumber has purchased a pair of Lucidyne 900 transverse scanners for installation in their Prince George, BC sawmill mill. These will be the first installations of the new Lucidyne 900 transverse scanner in North America. The scanner purchases come two years after Carrier installed a Lucidyne GradeScan in their planer mill. After being extremely satisfied with the GradeScan results, Carrier chose to invest in Lucidyne again for their sawmill; one Lucidyne 900 will be installed ahead of the trimmer, the other ahead of the edger. Dylan Tobin, Sawmill Manager for Carrier, says they are continuing their partnership with Lucidyne largely because of Lucidyne’s artificial intelligence, the scanner having almost no downtime and grade turn out, trimming, and the overall excellent ease-of-use. These systems will be installed and started up in mid-2022. For more information about the Lucidyne 900, please visit

Lucidyne, located in Corvallis, Oregon, is a leading manufacturer of scanning technologies for the wood product industry.  As a division of Microtec, Lucidyne provides scanning solutions for the North American market.  Microtec, headquartered in Italy, is the world’s most trusted scanning and optimization provider for the sawmilling and wood processing industry.

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