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Blanca Forestry Products chooses Lucidyne!

Blanca Forestry Products purchased a GradeScan with deep learning artificial intelligence from Lucidyne for installation in their Blanca, CO planer mill.  After closely examining the different lumber scanner systems offered in the market, Blanca was all in for Lucidyne.  All new Lucidyne GradeScans come standard with Lucidyne’s patented Intelligent Grading platform, using deep learning artificial intelligence for unmatched defect detection and grading results. Blanca also purchased Lucidyne’s Grade-VU Projector System to integrate with the GradeScan system. This project is scheduled for installation in August 2022.

“We evaluated all the grade scanning systems available and chose the Lucidyne because of the reliability of the GradeScan’s uptime performance and Lucidyne’s willingness to push the envelope in regard to new technology.”

-Rick Engebretsen

General Manager, Blanca Forestry Products

Lucidyne, located in Corvallis, Oregon, is a leading manufacturer of scanning technologies for the wood product industry.  As a division of Microtec, Lucidyne provides scanning solutions for the North American market.  Microtec, headquartered in Italy, is the world’s most trusted scanning and optimization provider for the sawmilling and wood processing industry.


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